An Elephants Graveyard

Elephants Graveyard

An Elephants Graveyard.jpg

august 23 rd

august 23rd five 35pm.jpg

building a gun

building a gun.jpg

dark dark hearT, Sheep won’t help you sleep

dark dark heart. Sheep won’t help you sleep.jpg



hidden well

hidden well, but well…not well enough.jpg

In memory of a home

In memory of a home, with a cat and a tree, rooms and a family, with things that tick and things that don’t, with hearts that break and ones that won’t.jpg

not likely to break free

not likely to break free, not likely to get away, not likely this moment, not likely today.jpg


oh god no. you know you know you know. I’ve seen this episode, I know where they go.jpg

Piece of mind

Piece of mind.jpg




smile, hearts are meant to be broken. Smile, hearts are meant to be treated that way.jpg

something uneasy

something uneasy.jpg



something’s missing

wake up something’s missing, wake up something’s gone, wake up something’s terribly, terribly, terribly wrong.jpg

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